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Digitally Designed Scleral Contacts Lenses

Using the Eaglet ESP 3-D Digital Eye Surface Profiler to design scleral contact lenses.

What are the benefits of a digitally designed lens for our patients?

  • Helps us optimize highly customized scleral contact lens design for each patient
  • Streamlines the scleral lens fitting process saving our patients time
  • Lenses will be more comfortable than our patients ever believed possible
  • Helps more of our patients wear custom scleral lenses, even those with advanced eye conditions

Eaglet 3D Profiler

A Revolution in 3-D Eye Measurement For Scleral Contact Lenses

Our Eaglet Eye Surface Profiler(ESP) allows Dr. DiGiorgio to take highly detailed measurements of your cornea, sclera (eye white), and limbus (the area between the sclera and the cornea).  It uses up to 500,000 separate measurement points across a 20 mm area.  The ESP is able to precisely and accurately map every tiny detail of the surface of your eyes.

The Eye Surface Profiler creates dynamic, information-rich 3D digital impressions of the surface of your eyes. This helps Dr. DiGiorgio to design a custom scleral lens that perfectly matches your eyes’ unique needs and optimizes your daily comfort.

The ESP 3-D Digital profiler scans for minuscule differences in the shape of your eye and ensures an optimal flow of oxygen to the eyes, making sure that your scleral contact lenses stay fresh and moisturized all day long. It also makes contact lenses a healthy choice even for those with serious or long-term eye conditions. You’ll be amazed at how comfortable your Scleral Contact Lenses can be!

Your ESP designed scleral lenses will fit your eyes like a tailor-made suit.

Eaglet 3-D Digital Eye Surface Profiler


Eaglet ESP, Eye Surface profile, Digital Scleral Lens

Eaglet 3D Digital Scans of Corneal Conditions

Introducing: ScanFitPRO by EyePrint Prosthetics!
An amazing new enhancement for designing Scleral Lenses.

  • Do you have complex irregular corneas? Tired of blurry vision, dry eyes, and poor-fitting contact lenses? Find out how the Eaglet 3-D Eye Surface Profiler and the ScanFitPRO scleral lens can change the way you see the world.
  • Dr. DiGiorgio custom designs the shape of the lenses based on your scan results.

The Eaglet ESP 3-D scan results are uploaded into our ScanFitPRO Software.

ScanFitPRO CAD-based design software, by EyePrint Prosthetics, combines the output from our Eaglet 3-D scanner with Elevation Specific Technology.  ScanFitPRO allows us to create a digitally designed highly customized scleral lens that is precisely matched up 360 degrees to your eye’s shape based on your unique ocular profile.  The digital files are then electronically sent to the state-of-the-art EyePrint Prosthetics manufacturing laboratory and a customized ScanFitPRO scleral lens is produced for you.  The result of this combined Eaglet + ScanFitPRO process is a lens that perfectly matches your eye’s shape providing you optimized comfort and vision.

With this state of the art technology, we are changing lives through vision!

Highly customized scleral lenses digitally designed with Eaglet ESP + ScanFitPro to get an amazing 3D fit for irregular surfaces found on many eyes.